Here is the text of a Munju info-flyer from 1984

There is only one band that sounds like Munju - and that is MUNJU

In the course of their playing together over 8 years the founder members Wolfgang Salomon (bas, keyb.), Dieter Kaudel (guitar, vibraphone), Thomas Roemer (drums, trumpet) have evolved a very personal way of playing, creating the unmistakable MUNJU sound. Also playing along for one year has been Edi Ruedel (guitar, bariton-git.). Up till now 4 LPs have been produced.

These musicians - at home with Rock, Pop, Jazz and experimental music - possess a high degree of musical and technical familiarity and finesse. Their music Is largely instrumental, highlighted by singing mostly brief texts (,,microtexts") in English, French and German, composed of rocky guitars, highly unusual solos, partly with the drums arousing a melancholic backdrop, synthesizer and vibraphone, unmistakable bass lines with striking, speedy drums and percussion. Presenting original compositions going way beyond the run-of-the-mill. MUNJU music is witty, slightly ironic, animated, something staggering all the way, a sound that echoes on in your mind, out-of-context lyrics.

As you will be well aware, live appearances are MUNJU's forte. Every music fan worth his salt should not miss one. Hardly any other band has brought off so many live concerts in the Federal Republic of Germany and elsewhere in Europe (Sweden, Holland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Italy), produced four LPs themselves, continually changing the music, developing their own unmistakable identity and turning so emphatically into the underground tip as MUNJU.

After three years largely spent on the road touring MUNJU was presented with the idea of bringing out their new album "Le Perfectioniste" . They produced sounds that still have to be discovered by a computer. People in the know had long been speculating on what they would turn up. There were loads of rumours. Nobody had expected this great new conception. Striking pop-riffs, greatly varied guitar music and the extensive instrument range with vibraphone, bassoon, Moog-bass, oboe, ring modulator, pile driver, human whistling, trumpet blares and spinning choral tops intertwine to produce this new record's overwhelming charm.